RISA Launches New Website

15 July 2013

The website is intended to develop into a useful resource for practitioners and stakeholders involved with Cayman Islands entities in the litigation, restructuring and insolvency fields.  Information will be added to the website on an ongoing basis and there are intentions for information regarding RISA’s members to be publicly available shortly.The Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists (Cayman) Association (“RISA”), of which Baker Tilly in the Cayman Islands is a founding member, has recently launched its new website.

RISA has already attracted around 200 members of the legal, insolvency and fiduciary sectors and the new website further serves to promote awareness of RISA’s profile, reputation and capabilities and those of its members and the Cayman Islands as a jurisdiction.

Should you have any questions or comments on RISA’s website or restructuring and insolvency issues generally, please contact us at info@bakertillycayman.com.

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